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Game Room

The Game Room provides a space for relaxing with friends while playing pool, ping pong, watching TV and more. The Game Room also has a variety of board games. Tickets for campus events are sold in the Game Room in addition to discounted movie tickets.

Gaming Club (Gaming)

The Gaming Club is dedicated to building a community of casual gamers by bringing people together to enjoy their common interests. Meetings start at 2:30 in Club Room 4 of the McCarthy center.


Framingham State's award-winning independent student newspaper since 1932.

Gen One (G1)

GenerationOne brings first-generation freshmen together and connects them to first-generation faculty, staff and other students. Our goal is to offer support – academic and social --as you take this important step towards achieving your future goals!

Golf Club


Green Team

The Green Team is an on campus club which promotes sustainable measures and better campus wide environmental practices. The Green Team seeks to involve students in creating policies and activities which promote an environmentally friendly campus.