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English Club

English Club is FSU's group for literature aficionados, grammar nerds, and bibliophiles alike. The purpose of this club is to have fun with literature and language by playing literature-related games and activities, hosting discussions, and planning

History Club

The FSU History Club serves as a history awareness group for the FSU campus while also providing support to students with history majors and minors. We do several history-related events throughout the year and also travel to interesting historical

Marketing Club

We understand when and how to implicate marketing concepts regarding: product, price, promotion, place, packaging, and positioning.

Nutrition Club (Nutrition)

This is the Nutrition Networking Group open to both resident and commuter student at Framingham State College. We meet weekly to discuss Nutrition and plan activities to help raise awareness to things such as healthy eating strategies while in college,

Psychology Club (Psychology)

The Psychology Club is a small club that incorporates the elements of psychology and everyday life. Our meetings are every other Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Club Room 1 (room 413) in the McCarthy Center. First meeting will start back up on January 25th!