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College Republicans

We work to promote a safe environment for all students and faculty to discuss politics as well as provide networking opportunities for college republicans.

Comic Book Club

The mission of the Comic Book Club is to bring students together with an interest in comics.

Common Leadership (CLA)

The centralized application process for: Black and Gold Orientation Leaders, Foundations Peer Mentors, SEALS Peer Mentors, Resident Assistants, Wet Feet/BGB Leaders, and Student Admission Representatives.

Community Service Club

We aim to create more civically engaged students, and to move community service to a stronger and more universal presence in the FSU community.

Computer Science Club (CS Club)

Welcome to the Computer Science Club's CollegiateLink page! Here in the club, we strive to deliver a unique yet simple approach to technology and how it affects our lives. It is our goal to show students the benefits of computers and how

Craft Club

Craft Club’s goal is to create an environment in which students can come and create something wonderful!

Creative Writing Club (CWC)

Creative Writing Club is a resource for writers on campus who wish to share their writing with others and receive feedback on their work. It's a comfortable, relaxed environment to share your work and meet other writers.

Dance Team (FSU Dance Team) (Dance)

We are a great group to join if you're looking to make new friends, have a good time, love to dance, and learn something new!